Brosh has now closed at its current site in Suffolk Parade due to relocation
Please contact Raviv at 07914735061 or watch this space for new development...

Nov/December 2011 menu

Everything we serve is made from the basics on the premises, we use local, natural, free range & many organic ingredients.

This menu is also available as a PDF for printing

Starters Price
Chestnut & chorizo soup £ 7.50
Goose confit salad, roast shallots, caramelised bramley apples & pomegranate £ 9.95
Roast beetroot & squash salad with seasoned yoghurt, mint & chilli £ 6.95
Mafrum - layered potatoes & minced lamb, lemon tomato sauce £ 7.95
Rocket salad with caramelised orange peel, barberries, pine nuts & tahina dressing £ 6.95
Mains Price
Slow cooked oxtail (Flaxley Farm, Forest of Dean) with spinach, corriander & judion beans £ 19.50
Chargrilled chicken (free range, Newent, Gloucestershire) tanzia of dried fruit & caramel, herb basmati pilaf £ 17.50
Baked cod fillet, charmoula marinade with tomatoes, black olives & capers £ 17.95
Roast partridge (Wiltshire) with preserved lemons, green olives & saffron, herb couscous £ 18.50
Slow roast red peppers filled with labaneh cheese & thyme, cracked wheat with slow fried onion & zatar £ 15.50
Desserts Price
Rich chocolate cake, praline cream, date syrup £ 6.95
Almond & rum tart, fig compote £ 6.95
Haroset ice-cream - cardamom & fennel, hazelnuts & sultanas £ 5.95
Bitter chocolate & cinnamon ice cream, chocolate sauce, sweet preserved kumquat £ 5.95
Quince in their jelly, roast pistachios & greek yoghurt £ 5.00
Selection of sweets for 2 with spiced coffee £ 13.95

All dishes subject to availability. Service is at your discretion.